Karen’s Korner Feb 2022 – Where Have All The Houses Gone!?

Where are all the homes for sale!!!!!? From 2015-2019, you could find houses that sat for months!  You would drive through your community - and see a new sign go up every day.  Now, you can hardly find ONE home for sale.When you do find a home you like, you often call or text your real estate agent - only to learn that it sold yesterday - or is already pending. Welcome to a...

Karen’s Korner – October Edition

Karen Keveryga What Is Virtual Staging? If you're not familiar with virtual staging, it may be because high quality virtual staging - looks nearly IDENTICAL to photos taken of traditionally staged properties (i.e. in-person, physical staging).  In fact, you’ve probably seen virtually staged rooms online without realizing it! What is Virtual Staging? Virtual staging is utilizing professional...

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